Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Mission Day 2017

Mission Day is an annual event held by the Saint Patrick's Students. This is held to make money for those in need in India. The money is specifically raised for the Holy Angels Orphanage in India.

To raise money, students from the whole school and some teachers had stalls either selling goods such as food, candy and a range of other activities that target and invite students from 5 years olds through to 13. There were also students who made activity stalls with a variety of games children could choose from. All these activities and stalls were all around 20-50c each.

Activities like this are, Karaoke, Face painting, Selling Sweets, Dance Competition, Lucky Dip, Plants and selling Cakes. Other foods such as Popsicles, drinks and chips were sold to children to help make money for the Holy angels orphanage.  

Another way the students give to the Holy Angels Orphanage is that the students give food baskets or bags of food in. These food consist of canned food, sweets, packaged food and other food sources.

Mission Day is all about Saint Patrick's Charism where the students learn to give and help the people who are in need. Mission Day also is a way to show one of the most important Charism of Saint Patrick's School which is Community and Service to Others.
How to take a core sample of the Earth

You will need:

  • A wooden Dowel
  • A pipe( with cap)
  • Sledge Hammer


  1. Place the the pipe with the capp facing upwards and hammer the pipe into the ground.
  2. Once you think you have filled the pipe hammer the sides of the pipe so that it would be easier to pull out.
  3. When you have pulled the pipe out, take off the cap and use the wooden dowel to push out the contents out.
  4. The soil will then show the different layers and colours of the soil based on how old the soil is.

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