Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Auckland Zoo in the Holidays

Auckland Zoo!

Image result for auckland zooThe sun's rays flashed into my eyes as I woke up. My dad and mum were purposely yelling at me to wake up. I was so confused… I got up and walked to my parents but as I walked I stumbled across the calendar and realised that it was Thursday which meant it was time for our family to go to the zoo.

Half asleep during the ride, my eyes finally caught a glimpse of destination and I was filled with excitement. Willing to explore the amazements of the zoo, I hopped out of the car and ran to the entrance of the zoo.

We purchased our entry tickets and received a guide map from the kind staff members. The Otter Enclosure was the first area we decided to gaze and admire the otters at the enclosure. When we looked into the enclosure, we found otters sleeping beside the rivers. In my opinion I thought that the otters were unbearably cute for their own good.

Our next stop was the sumatran tiger enclosure. The enclosure was surrounded by sound-proof glass that was very strong so that we don't draw too much attention to the sumatran tigers. When we went there, we could only see two tigers and unfortunately they were both taking a nap. The tigers were really big sumatran tigers that were imported from Indonesia so  I thought that it was pretty interesting to know.

As time exceeded, we walked to an enclosure that was filled with different types of birds especially native birds such as, pukekos, fantails, kererus, parakeets, banded-rails, bell birds, brown kiwis, grey teal, kukupu, moreporks, dotterels, tuis, shags and takahes. The birds whistled and tweeted their way around the enclosure. The enclosure was filled with trees that were the bird's natural habitat. I thought that it was splendid to look at because of the amazing colours of the different birds.

This was probably my least favourite part of the day but we went past some reptiles. There were plenty of skinks and geckos but there were also tuataras, bearded dragons, special snakes (called scheltopusik), toitures and even alligators. Although they were kind of fascinating I still found it terrifying to look at especially the alligators.

Besides where the reptiles were, there was the invertebrates. Which was creatures like spiders, wetas and native spiders. The spider that I freaked out most about was adean-stripe knee tarantula. I had never seen a tarantula so big and I don't like spiders in general so I got pretty scared.

Subsequently it was time to see another one of the cat species. We stumbled across where the leopards were. Thankfully they were awake and we were able to take some great photos. They were really big and had different black spots on this over their bright yellow with an orange tinge coat.

Following that we went to where the elephants were because a special elephant entertainment or show was on at the time we went there. There were a couple of zoo staff members there feeding the elephants while another zoo staff member talked us through what was happening. The elephants had names and one was named, Angie and one was Belma.

When the show had ended, we were super hungry and there was conveniently stores next to us so we made the decision of buying food for us to devour. My sister and I ordered $4 chips to share between the two of us. We waited at the benches for our food, it took quite a long time but it was worth the wait because when it arrived my sister and I feasted on it and it was delicious.  

It was almost time to go but we stopped to look at the zebras and giraffes. This was probably my favourite because the giraffes were so tall and I think that I like the colour of giraffes and their patterns.

It was finally time to go home and our family was all so exhausted from such a fun day at the Auckland Zoo.

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