Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Birthday Party

Birthday Party!

The wind was roaring with fierce, spewing blistering cold wind to our
vulnerable exterior a.k.a skin. The welkin was darker than a silhouette painting, making the road nearly impossible to see with the naked eye. The destination to the party with my family and cousins was more tedious than observing grass mature. After what seemed to be an eternity we finally arrived in Silverdale and entered their birthday house shortly afterwards.
Image result for roblox gifWe were early birds, no one had arrived to build up the tension and adrenaline to light up the dull and boring night. So to brighten up our seemingly insipid day. The primary early birds played Roblox PE, CS:GO PE, Clash Royale PE and Terraria PE. A few moments later, more newcomers arrived to the party to induce and inject some hype and enthusiasm to the sad and depressing party.

Once everyone made their way to the party, we hastily commenced prayer because we were all so famished from the long trip. Once we started on munching and crunching our food which includes a variety of sweet, sour, salty and spicy. The prime meal was lechon (Stuffed Pigged) aside it were sisig (Pig’s Head), pancit, (Noodles) and for dessert waffles and kutsinta (Muffins).

We made our way to the living room and idled inside spacious finite room continuously watching high quantities youtube videos, using the television. The enigma of a person that we have never knew about started playing slime themed asmr (Autonomous sensory meridian response) videos. These types of film is about people touching slime to create a  tingling sensation in the spine or in the brain. But we never felt the sensation, so we skipped and swap videos into Korean K-pop and left it for 7 more recordings on the same topic. The party goers was starting to get annoyed so cousin John played Skrillex a popular musical artist that specialises on the music subject known as dubstep. The music was giving an alien like vibes. Each note was better than the last, though there were barely any lyrics.

The dead of the night is getting late and darker, we decided to watch some good’ol classical Charlie Chaplin for old time sakes. A comedy boxing match might just do the thing, The short film was legendary! My family which includes me called it a night and rode a car back home.

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