Monday, 28 August 2017

Green house gas

Green House Gas affects economy!

Have you ever wondered how greenhouse affect a country's’ economy? If so read more!

As you know, the main news in local newspapers or on the television, greenhouse gases causes global warming which can lead to horrifying consequences. From higher sea levels, confusing temperatures in water and land dehydration, but did you know that global warming drastically affects economy which may cause poverty and hunger for already struggling countries and this is how.

Global warming melts the ice caps of the Arctic leaking cold and frosty waters onto the equator or the tropic regions damaging the biological sea life found in the ocean due to the immense temperature change. Killing fishes which disrupt the food chain that can lead to dire outcomes. No fish to sell and export, thus ruining sea life dependent countries’ economy.

Higher sea levels mean lesser land, sinking isolated islands in the process. Lessening the land space drastically may affect tourism that can devastate countries that require tourism for their nation to grow.

The hotter temperature, the more delay the crops growing due to the dehydration of the land. Preventing them from selling their native fruit to more wealthy countries, this will ravage exportation dependent countries’ wealth.

Now you know the effects of global warming, from slowing down progress for some struggling countries to ruining their economy. Greenhouse gas is a grim process which leads people to poverty.

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