Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Persuasive writing - School Lunches

School Lunches Persuasive Writing

Walht: Plan my writing with detail.
School Lunches
Persuasive writing

Schools should sell a variety of healthy but scrumptious food for students to consume. If the food is affordable, healthy and delicious the problem of drowsy and tired students could be solved.

Firstly there are many different varieties of delectable and fresh meals that could be sold to students. For example, salads or sandwiches can have different type of meats to keep the consumer happy with the balance and the taste. Milkshakes could be made with fruits and milk to keep it healthy but delicious.

Secondly, the school will be able to earn some profit and be supported slightly. However there are one or two problems that could be countered easily. One of them, is for buying the vegetables, if the school has a garden the vegetables could be grown fresh. Hiring someone could be expensive but, the school could request for volunteers who would help out in the kitchen. The equipment could be fundraised with a sausage sizzle.

Lastly, the school could have attractive pictures to attract consumers to purchase meals. This will terminate the worry of having no one buying them.

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