Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Analysing information to identify Cause and Effect.


  1. Hello I am Luke from Grey Main School
    this is a piece of art because I really like how you put loss of colour and detail the grey cloud in the sky matches to dark sky and I like how you put the the sun going down

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  2. Kia Ora. My name is Reagan and I am in Mamaku 2 (Mamaku Hub).

    I really like how you have created a piece of art to go with your information. I also really like how you have set out your work.

    Next time you could either add more information or make your text a bit bigger.

    Are you learning anything else about wildfires?

    From Reagan

  3. Kia Ora
    My name is Lini and I am a year 7 student from St Pius X School. I like how you were so creative in your Wild Fire Google Draw! I really loved how you set your Cause and Effect.

  4. Kai Ora my name is LeBron and i go to Grey Main School.
    i really like your art work it looks like you have put a lot of effort into it nice job.

  5. Hey there my name is malachi and i go Saint Piusx Catholic School i like you work it looks really creative a nice good work keep it up

  6. Hey My name is Viane I am year 7 Student from St Pius X Catholic.I Like how your creative with your thinking.