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Green house effect

Greenhouse effect!

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Have you ever felt like the environment around you was getting warmer?
Well, that would be the because of the Greenhouse effect. This effect takes place when heat is trapped in the atmosphere of the earth, like a greenhouse, this is also called global warming.

The greenhouse effect can affect island nations like Tonga, Fiji and Papua New Guinea which export products to make money because the heat can damage the crops by the water drying up, even though some fruit and plants can grow in the heat like bananas, they still need water. It can also cause small islands like Maldives, Kiribati, Seychelles and Torres Strait islands, to sink below the surface of the water and cities with ports like Auckland, parts of it would be likely to be flooded.

Greenhouse effect can also cause the temperature of the ocean to change which can cause some aquatic life to die due to not being able to adapt to the Ocean's new temperatures, then the predators of a certain fish would die because of starvation due to their prey being extinct, then the predator's predator will die as well and it goes on from there. Even if it is small like plankton, it will cause the predator to die of starvation.

Another aspect of damage greenhouse effect is causing is that it is melting Antarctica and the ice polar caps, which is responsible for the level of the sea rising. If all ice on Antarctica, Greenland, and glaciers around the world were to melt caused by this effect, the sea would rise 70 meters and cities that are on the coast would be covered in water, but in cities such as Denver would survive. If we were to keep adding carbon to the atmosphere, 5,000 years later the planet would have been ice-free and the temperature would be 80 degrees Fahrenheit instead of current 58.

In conclusion, try and use greener ways of traveling like walking and riding your bike instead of your car because it releases gases fumes in the air which adds to the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.

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