Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Holiday Viewing

The Holidays!



One boring and featureless day, I was unhappy with how every event that had happened. It was unexciting and flat. Just as the day couldn’t get any more colourless… all of a sudden, my day lit up! It was the day when the newest movie ‘Spider-Man Homecoming’ released in cinemas! I just had to watch it! Although we had to fight through the traffic on the motorway, we struggled and strived, but we eventually got to Events Cinema in Manukau right on time that the movie was making its appearance.

I really enjoyed how the directors used Tom Holland’s (aka Spider-Man’s) screen time, and how they put his scenes in the correct place so that the story didn’t get too confusing for viewers. I also admired the performance and role of Michael Keaton as the villain, Vulture. He was a great portrayal to the one in the comics. I really liked that his message was that the rich are too selfish and unthoughtful about the non wealthy. Him and his team of engineers salvaged and weaponized alien technology to sabotage Tony Stark’s airplane and destroy the shipment.

A really important person to Peter Parker is Liz Allen, she is the first love interest of Peter Parker during his sophomore year in high school. Liz Allen was played by the actress Laura Harrier and she did a great job at portraying Liz Allen from the comics. Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) is the designer and creator of the high tech suit that Spider-Man wears for the majority of the movie, but was eventually taken away towards the end of the film due to Peter Parker’s irresponsible and reckless behaviour with the suit. The suit contained, artificial intelligence, adjustable eye lenses, web wings, web fluid shooters and 576 different web shooter combinations.

Overall I rate the movie a 9/10 , the directors placed the scenes in the perfect place and the cast that was chosen for the movie were amazing. Although it had a few confusing sections throughout the movie but it was still a great movie! 😁

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