Tuesday, 15 August 2017


The Holidays!

The holidays were here and I was thinking all about it, thinking what I'd do to spend the time wisely. I decided I'd play COD, (aka. Call Of Duty), or battlefield 1. It was a tough decision that had to end early because I just tripped and fell face first on the floor, at the same time, farted. It was embarrassing, it was so loud, it echoed throughout the house. Luckily no one heard it. I then ,straight away, got to my feet and spent the rest of the day playing games.

The next day was Saturday and I was getting ready to go on an outing with my Uncle Michael, Aunt Jena and her niece, Shaniqua. We were all going to 2 places. The first being a restaurant called Ollies, (which I highly recommend, since the food is superb), then the second being an arcade called Xtreme entertainment, (which I recommend as well).

We arrived at Ollie's and soon as we entered, we got blasted with a beautiful aroma of lovely food. AFter smelling the beautiful aroma,(makes my mouth water just thinking about it), we ordered our food straight away. We ordered hot chips, burgers,(which only Jena and I ordered), and drinks. Soon as our food arrived, we dug in straight away. 1 minute later all the food was gone and it was delicious. I wish I could taste it a second time, but that wasn't physically possible.

Then it was off to Xtremen arcade. I was excited for the arcade, so excited couldn't stop moving. We then arrived, I then jumped out of the car and walked with my uncle to the arcade. We entered the place and I was blinded by brightly coloured games and my ears were filled with music. Shaniqua and I then were let into the wild crowds of the arcade, when my uncle and her auntie gave us our cards with the money in it..

We played many games and gained many tickets, until that moment when we finished our money given to us. The total of tickets we collected was 918 tickets, Shaniqua 416 and me 502. We then transfered our tickets into the cards. When then were given the choice to choose from the counter what we wanted. There was nothing good to get so we just left our tickets to build up. We then left.

In conclusion of my holiday writing, the holidays were awesome and I trely wish the next holidays are even better.

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