Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Sketching really helps to chase away boredom

There was that one day in the holidays. It wasn't a very nice and happy day, but a boring and humid day. It was Tuesday 18th of July when I noticed that we borrowed a drawing book from the library the day before, Draw the 50 Way. I asked my sister, "Can I borrow one of you art paper?" And she agreed. So as I take the paper from my sister's grip, I felt the thick and firm feeling of the paper. I took a pencil and started flipping the pages nervously.

I flipped the every page before the drawing I picked, a Triceratops. It looked quite easy, that's how it got my attention. I started with an oval and long line probably a centimeter and 2 millimeters beneath. It was for lining up the feet and the tail. Well, after that, I drew the tail and few of the legs and the head. Then I continued and as I got halfway through the drawing I made a few silly mistakes, so I took the rubber from my sister's pencil case. How long is this going to take, I thought. It's been 25 minutes since I drew the big oval. When I finished, I rubbed everything off and drew the outlines. It went kind of well on the body, but not the head, I didn't sketch it out. Instead, I drew it in a line art way. Well, that was a fail.

The next one I drew was a chick, now this was easy. You don't need to rub off anything at the end. And that's not the only thing I liked about it, it had shading details. I started drawing, but this time, excitedly. I started with a small, horizontal oval and a horizontal curved line lying on the left-hand-side of it. As I continued, I got more excited that I made a lot of mistakes that I even had to rub all of it all, so I started again, calmly. When I got to the end, I noticed the beak. The thing I noticed was it looked like the beak was connected to the head like it's meant to have feathers too. So I drew a line to separate it. It still had scary eyes though.

I thought I was done, but something caught my eye, it was a drawing of a beagle. It was like the chick, but we had to rub the whole thing off in the end. But I drew it anyway. I decided that I should do a quick sketch. And when I finished, my sister noticed that I did line art. So I did the whole thing again. You know how hard it is? I rubbed the whole thing off and started sketching and that took more than 15 minutes. When it was close to its ending, I rubbed everything off and drew what I had to draw and shaded what I had to shade. It went well, it kind of looked like the one from the book, except, the head was a bit short. But I still liked it.

Well, that was one way to make a boring day into an interesting day of the holidays.

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