Friday, 5 May 2017

Volunteering in the Panmure Library - by Cheska

Volunteering in the Panmure Library

WALHT write a descriptive writing.

It was Monday the 24th of April, my cousin (Jane) and I volunteered at the Panmure Library as a sign for our St John cadet community service.

“Ring, ring, ring ring”. Out of nowhere, a loud and obnoxious sound came buzzing in and through my ear. I woke up in shock as if a loud marching band came right past my room intentionally to wake me up. I looked down my bunk and saw Jane who slept past the deafening sound of the alarm clock.

Looking at the time it was 8:30 am which gave us 30 minutes to get ourselves ready.
15 minutes past and we both were still in our life grabbing devices until we realised that we only had 15 minutes left to hold. Rushing through the hallway we ate our breakfast in a world record of time, then rapidly wore new clothes and brushed our teeth with moments of time passing we were out our door and on our way to the Library. The hot humid sun glazed upon our eyes and melted our feet that held us back miles away from our destination, each step I took the sun beat against my chest.

The glaze of the Library filled us with joy, we raced to the door and the second we stepped inside the Library freshened our body and spirit by the penetrating breeze from various air-cons surrounding the Library. We rushed to the counter and politely asked for a task to do and in a blink of an eye, the Librarian speechless burst with words and immediately informed us our task. We were asked to cut out a variety of shapes from coloured paper for the holiday program (making robots).   Squares, circles, triangles, rectangles, stars, trapezoids and shapes made by our own imagination were made by numerous colours.

One hour of crafting dragged like watching grass grow, the last piece of paper was shaped into a triangle (we were permanently done). As we told the Librarian we were finished with our task, two pieces of red velvet cake were held up given to us, our mouths dropped down to the earth’s core. We thanked her with all our heart and soul. We delicately packed the cake into our bag as if it was worth $1000 and walked out the Library with pride (feeling satisfied after the good deed we accomplished especially the cake we were given). The sliding door opened and a gasp of heat wave rushed through our bodies, our satisfaction flipped into a body collapsing mood.

Doing a good deed in the Library felt great and next time doing more than one would be the biggest goal I’ve ever accomplished and hopefully, you would too.

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