Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Life in the mudflats - by Glen

Plan: Mudflat Dwellers Living organisms Segmented worms Crabs Cockles Bacteria Lugworms Mudflats are large, wet muddy areas where some living organisms reside in. It is also essential to providing fresh water through estuaries, the mudflats are providing freshwater through the dissolved nutrients. First, the nutrients are digested by bacteria, lugworms etc, and then they oxygenate the mud allowing the rich nutrients in the mud and convert seawater into freshwater. But there are also other animals that live in mudflats like crabs, cockles and various species of worms and fish. Some crabs choose to live in mudflats just because it is a part of their habitats like the mud crab and the mangrove crab although they are mostly located at mangroves. There some fish that are located swimming near mudflats, those fish are called coastal fish, inshore and shoreline fish.

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