Wednesday, 3 May 2017

My boring holiday - by Kayla

It was around about 11am, my eyes were fixed on the blurred transparent windows in the corner of my bedroom. I knew today was going to be the most boring and unexciting day. My parents were working, so I was stuck at home laying my eyes, on anything placed in a position of their gaze. As minutes felt like hours, I was still spiritless to rise from my bed. All of a sudden, I had an idea. Since my parents were busy at work and my grandma would be still enjoying her sleep, I practically had the whole house to myself. “What should I do first?” I thought to myself. The pantry was empty, as well as the fridge I was so sorrowful, I had nothing, not even a hidden stash to feed on. I moved my way into the living room, as the television was gazing at me. I considered my options and decided that “One show wouldn’t hurt me, right!?”. The television traveled to every channel, there was nothing interesting to watch. Now the Netflix button was staring at me, I had no choice but to engage my finger on it. There were thousands, no millions of shows and movies amongst it. I stopped for a moment and observed, a light bulb sparked in my head. “The good dinosaur looks cool,” I said excitedly. Without realising it, I’d obviously fallen asleep and missed a large portion of the movie. Hours had passed, and I recall the distant echo of what I assume was my own my snoring (obviously, apart from grandma, I was the only one home). I woke with the shock, and sight of my mum staring deeply into my eyes. My body went rigid and my heart was beating so hard I initially thought it was going to jump out of my chest! The look on her face was a clear indication that she was irritated and had realised that I had left the television going for more than two hours. I got a growling, it was harsh, but I knew what I had done was wrong. Grandma was still napping with the fairies, I, however, was wide awake as I attempted to make myself look busy so as not to catch the eyes of my mother. Next time I will listen to my own instincts so that I can avoid getting a growling about using too much power.

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