Wednesday, 3 May 2017

An Inspiring visitor.

Katie Glynn: By Francheska Pul-oc Year 8 Saint Patrick’s School Inspiration, Determination, Perseverance and Humility. These are the values Katie Glynn has shown wherever whenever whether in the hockey field or outside of it. These values were clearly shown to students of Saint Patrick’s School in her recent visit. She has been engaged with hockey at the early age of five and is now, not only a worldwide hockey champion but a dominant leader who strives to do the best of her ability. “Dream Big”, this quote helped Glynn to become what she is to this very day, making her into the leader and role model for the people; especially for children who look up to her. She is a person who has the capability to ‘never give up’, this helped Glynn to push her limits and face the challenges past her comfort zone. She was involved in a severe head injury caused by a swing of a hockey stick from another opponent. However, this did not stop her from grabbing her victory showing her commitment to her team. During her career, Katie Glynn has competed in all the major leading events, including the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth games, 2010 World Cup, 2012 London Olympics, 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth games and the 2014 World cup. Accomplishing an outstanding achievement of 3 bronze and 2 silver medals. Remembering the remarkable 77 goals achieved, making her into the second best female scorer in the country. Unfortunately, Katie has retired from her hockey career, because of her recent back injury while playing in the hockey field. Although she has retired, this will not stop Katie from continuing her career as hockey champion. She now shares her skills to support up and coming future players in her current role of coach.

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