Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Painting Fences on a hot day

    • Plan:
    • Extremely hot
    • Brother
    • Hard
    • Sand paper
    • Paint brush
    • Brown, strong smell and brown

    On a scorching moist hot holiday, my brother and I went to my little sister's godmother's’ house and being asked to paint her fence. On that day it was a really blazing hot day that had my skin burnt like a umu that was on a flame.

    So we swiftly hurried and got our sandpaper and a varnish sparkly brown paint that had my attention thinking of mo la la land. So my brother said, “Vaughan! Sand the fence,”  So I snapped out of it and sanded the fence so my brother and I could paint the fence.
    My tummy was rumbling because it was starving but, I could hardly not make my way out from my brother. So I kept on sanding with a unfed tummy. When my brother finished his half, his body was slimy and roasting skin that was like an oil in a frying pan.Then I quickly sanded my part and carried on to the other half. When I completed my side I  sprinted to the shops and bought my brother and I a drink. After that my brother painted the whole fence by himself. It was a really exhausting hot day so I said, “I trust in you!”

    So he cheerfully finished his whole fence and we got paid 40 dollars each. And my brother and I were so proud of ourselves that we had faith that we would complete the job. After that my brother and I walked home and had rest.

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