Friday, 5 May 2017

Science - Technicraft - Term 2

Science - Soap Bubbles Experiment!

Today was the first day back to Technicraft, this term we are doing science! And this is the experiment...

  • Grab 2 beakers and pour 100ml in each.
  • Put a straw in one of the 2 beakers.
  • Blow a couple water bubbles and observe.
  • In the other beaker pour the detergent, wait for a minute and observe the changes.
  • Mix the detergent in the water.
  • Blow a couple bubbles in the same beaker and observe.
  • Notice the differences in the soap bubbles and water bubbles

When the regular water generates, the bubbles trap the air, but they immediately dehydrate and evaporate because the air is always expanding outwards so as soon as the water bubbles reach the surface the bubbles dehydrate. After the detergent is poured into the water, the detergent sinks to the base of the beaker due to the fact that detergent is a lot heavier than the water.

After mixing the detergent the water becomes temporarily protected by the detergent making it sturdier. But the air is still repelling the fluids and the detergent forms a soap bubble around that captured air. A regular soap bubble consists of a thin layer of fluids and an air pocket inside forming a sphere. Meanwhile the thin layer is slowly evaporating after creating the bubble due to the air pocket always expanding and the fluid layer is getting thinner and those fluids  funnelled to the bottom of the bubble, until applying so much pressure that it dehydrates and pops.

It was a very entertaining and educating time and I really enjoyed it, especially while doing the experiment with my partner!
Image result for bubble popping gif