Friday, 16 February 2018

Literacy Inference

This Boy Definitely Doesn't Like Vegetables 😡

Literacy Inference
How is the boy feeling?
The boy is feeling unsatisfied because of the way his face is looking. It is based on his appearance that I have noticed that the boy does not enjoy eating vegetables for dinner. It also shows through his body language by the way he is showing his posture and putting his hand on his face which indicates his emotions about what is on the plate in front of him.

WALHT: Use clues that writers give us in words and images to infer so that it increases our understanding.

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  1. hello room 8,
    i'm Staci from grey mouth its really interesting what you where able to say about him not liking vegetables,I think that i will try to write a descriptive story about a boy who hate vegetables.
    whats you least favorite vegetable?