Friday, 16 February 2018

A bird's business landed on my hand!

I am learning to use the structure of a recount while including a range of sophisticated words.

A bird's business landed on my hand!

People - Oliver - Richard
Where Panmure rugby pitch

One day My cousin and I went on a bike ride down to the playground. It took a little while for me because I didn't have any gears but my cousin did. Once we got there I was all hot and sticky because of having my helmet on, and the sweltering heat didn't help much either.

When we got there me and Richard looked at each other and then we gunned it down to the swings      ( our favourite part of a playground ). It was so much fun, I love the momentum of swings and also the soft cool air rushing past your face.

We then made it back to our bikes and decided to go all the way around the rugby pitch but by the time we got half way we were both panting and exhausted so we stopped at a water fountain to get a drink and then decided to go back home. On the way back a bird poop landed on my hand. I was horrified and Richard and I had a good laugh before our bike ride ended.

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