Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Holiday Recount - Rhonda


Holiday Recount!

It was the 29th of January when I awoke from my sleep and got out of my bed. Slowly (as I was not really awake) I  walked to the living room.   I heard my parents and older siblings blabbing about going to the beach. I got so excited when I heard the news because it was a very hot and sunny day.

We all decided to go early because we wanted to see the view of the clouds and the water moving as it hit the shore. The level of the sea was going to be King tide which meant that the tide is going to  come very close to the shore and the water was going to be very deep.

My sisters decided that it would be even extra  fun,  if my cousins came along with us,  so they did.

As some hours passed by, the tide was finally in and it was time for us to dip into the water. It felt very cold and it was also very deep. As I swam to the deeper parts, the water was rising up to my neck, this meant that I had to go back to a less deeper part of the water or I might drown.

It got a bit boring, so my cousins and I decided to teach my younger sisters Liena and Fe’ao how to float on their backs. This took a couple of tries for them to learn how to float, so they tried and tried until they knew how to float on their backs.  

We swam until it became darker and darker. We had to hop out of the water and walk back to shore, because we had to pack our things to go back home. This was one of the best holiday family time,  I have ever had. Hopefully next time my cousins would come again to have fun with us at the beach.

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