Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Books can be an extremely great resource for learning!

Books can be an extremely great resource for learning!

Books are filled with many different things such as comics, stories/diaries of someone, learning resources and much more. Without books, the knowledge of mainly children in schools wouldn't increase. Personally, I believe and prefer to use books - hard copy material, verses the internet.

Most books are non-fiction meaning that the contents of the book include things that are real.These might include information about the fossils of dinosaurs and a diary or adventures of a famous person. Non-fiction books can inspire the audience through many ways such as the courageous achievements of someone or the stories of someone's hardships in their past.

Fiction books are another type of books aside the non-fiction ones. The ideas within these books are all within the author's imagination and creativity. Usually these books are able to increase the imagination of the readers but, they can also make them feel as if they were present in the story. While reading, the readers are also able to imitate or mimic the feelings of a character. Examples of fiction books are comics or mangas, which originated in Japan and is more commonly known as 'anime'.

There is also another type of book which is mainly for learning. School journals are one of the main books that relate to learning. The school journals might include fiction and non-fiction stories, articles or poems but these can vary depending on the author's creativeness and ideas. The main focus of school journals are to help children increase their knowledge through finding the true meaning of the text or increasing the vocabulary by introducing them to new sophisticated words.

Even though today, the number of book-worms have decreased drastically due to the power of technology,  there are still some people who enjoy using their spare time to read a book for either learning purposes or to make them laugh. Without books, the knowledge of the world would be extremely small and people would have to physically perform the activity in order to learn. This means that books make life and learning easier for children and adults in various unique ways.

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