Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Making Fridge Magnets - By Xyril

My fridge magnet was too big! Today was a foggy day of Technicraft. I didn't really catch up to the other students, but I know what they did. We've been focusing on making fridge magnets, and these are the materials on making it: Piece of wood Copy of a character you want (examples: Iron man, Batman, etc.) Transfer ink paper Wood tracing burner Paint tray Paint Primer spray paint Scroll saw Safety glasses Stick-on magnet or Magnetic tape Procedure: Take a piece of wood (22.5 cm x 15 cm) and make sure it's not too thick. Print out a copy of a character you would like and make sure it has the right size. Cut around the image of the character you chose. Get a transfer ink paper and tape it on the piece of wood. Do the same with the character, tape it on top of the transfer paper. Start drawing on the outline of the character. Take just the transfer paper by the tape and you can see that it's probably exactly like the actual image. Ask an adult to run a scroll saw and while waiting, mark around your character with a pencil on where you're going to cut. Before cutting, get yourself safety glasses just to protect your eyes. Move your character forward while cutting, but turn it so you can get the shape that you want for it. Put a stick-on magnet behind the wood after you've cut your character. And there you have it, your magnificent fridge magnet!!!

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