Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Bodyboarding Merc 2017 - By Launoa

A snapshot of excitement Merc 2017


At Merc 12 students were so eager to immerse themselves in the water to face the challenge of bodyboarding for the first time and to get themselves covered in goosebumps. Bodyboarding can be an addiction for young and old people who enjoy being in water especially children like me and my friends.

Whistle instructions were given out, at the first whistle- stop look, listen and the sound of  2 whistles signaling that it was necessary to evacuate the water immediately and the listen closely and quickly to follow the instructions given out by the instructor. It is essential to listen to what instructions that were given out so that we knew what to do id and when a rare emergency occurred.

The water was freezing at first but it turned out to be warm after all the movements that made from the activity were accomplished. After instructions were given out by the instructor, it was time to catch some waves. It was confusing at first because we expected to be given lessons but, instead, it was about using the knowledge about swimming within the waves and enjoying our day at Merc- Long Bay. It was difficult to go through the waves because of the force as they crashed into the shore and quickly spread and became calm.  It was like the heavy tunnels of waves that had challenged each rider had not happened.

As the petrifying waves formed, riders quickly and impatiently jumped on top of their bodyboards to swim with it. Squeals of excitement filled the air, the water was so cold and it felt like sliding across ice.
Everyone wore wetsuits, fortunately, which kept the riders warm. For some of the children in room 8, it was a challenge something they had never tried in their lives before and they overcame their own fears of being around enormous waves. For most,  it was their first time to have the chance to swim with waves like swimming with dolphins.

Our instructor, while being in the water, kept an eye out for any possible rips in the water because it can be very dangerous and they can be located anywhere at the beach. It can be near or far and can lead to people being pulled down under the water.

Instead of swimming or going on top of waves, many riders immersed themselves under waves, diving and then coming up with the waves rolling over their heads and sliding off their backs. Waves passed and carried the riders back to shore, whistle instructions were blown out and bodyboarding was over.

Everyone had a great time and for many, it was their first time experiencing bodyboarding, all riders look forward to doing bodyboarding again.

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