Friday, 13 March 2015

Such an awesome Christmas - Ella

Such a awesome Christmas!

Parakai Springs
In the holidays my family and I spent Christmas day at Parakai Springs. Firstly we had to pack all our gear for the trip. Everyone placed their bags in the boot and then we were all set and ready to go. I felt a feeling of excitement shiver up my arms as dad turned the car into the carpark.
At Parakai Springs, we immediately unpacked our gear and walked over to the entrance. My dad paid for us at the front desk while my mum, sister and little brother waited excitedly at the door. We walked in the door and found a nice shady spot to put our gear under. After all our gear was set up we ran off to have fun.
My sister and I waited in the pool for my dad to come and then we could try the slides. While my sister and I waited we practised our bombs. My dad always says ‘the more you practise the better you get’. I started to practise and practise until I got it just right. Then my dad came wandering around the corner. “Come on! Lets go!”
It seemed almost like an eternity before you could even reach the slide. After a while we finally stood at  the entrance. Eagerly, we each grabbed our own mat and ran all the way to the top. We decided to go on the small one before the big. There was another long line at the top. After another while we finally reached the slide. We put down our mats one after another to make us go extremely fast. WOOSH! We were going as fast as a cheetah runs. Then SPLASH! We landed in the warm pool at the bottom.
After a few turns on the slide it was lunch time. Everyone was starving. It felt like my stomach was empty, so we walked over to where our gear was and dug into the food. I ate so much that I got a stomach ache and I had to sit down and settle my stomach for 10 minutes. Almost all the food had disappeared in the bag.
Ten minutes later we went back into the fun. We swam in the pool for a couple of minutes and practised our bombs also. Then a few minutes after we were back in the same long line. At least it wasn't as long as the first line.
After a couple of turns my dad hopped off and went to change and pack up our stuff. My sister and I wanted to stay on for a couple more slides. “Come on! Lets start packing up now!” shouted my mum.
“Coming!” we replied.
Lastly we packed up and it was our turn to get changed. I cleaned myself up and waited outside. My dad and I took our gear to the car. Then everyone was ready to go back home. It was getting dark and it was a long ride back to our house.

That was the end of Christmas day and I thought that, that was the best Christmas ever.

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