Friday, 13 March 2015

Pearl the Mermaid - Creative writing - Ingrid

Pearl The Mermaid!

In Room 8 we used a writing resource it prompts us on an adventure, fantasy, sci-fi and scrambler.

There was once an  elegant mermaid named pearl. Pearl loved to explore the different parts of the sea, she also liked to find thing from the surface. Pearls best friends were a starfish and a hermit crab, she called them star and crabby.
    One day she found a strange object it could open and close it had a chain that went around it. Pearl put it on but "Stop!!"yelled her father taking the necklace from her hand. Pearl was mad her father took it so her and her friends swam to their secret place it was a tunnel leading to the surface.
    When she was going up to the surface she found another object it was much different to the other one it was leather box with a small round object inside it. She touched it then a bright light shown around her.
    She looked down and she found out that she was missing something, something important her tail. She swam up to the surface. The next thing she did was wake up in a bed in a castle. A handsome young man by her feet he told her that he saw her laying in the sand then took her back to his castle.
    When night came went back to the beach she was found on, and she found the leather box which turned her tail into legs. She was afraid to touch it again for what had happened to her before. Yet she did and she was back to normal. When she got her tail back she went back into the sea to her father. When she got to him she explained what happened to her. His father asked her what did that to her and she showed him the leather box.  
    He gasped for it was the pink pearl. "The pearl was cursed by a sea witch to turn any mermaid's tail into legs and to turn any human's legs into a tail" her father said. "Throw it far away so no one will ever find it" her father said. Pearl went straight to the deepest part of the sea to hide the pearl. Suddenly a small flash hit her face. She then went closer to light. When she finally found the light she found herself in front of a sea witch. "Are y-you the w-witch t-that c-c-cursed.
"Who's asking girl?"said the Witch.
"I'm asking, and my name is Pearl!" said Pearl with some bravery in her voice.
"Pearl you must have found my magic pearl, your father must have told you to throw it away and hide it from others am I girly." said the Witch with a grin in her face.
"H-how did you know!" yelled Pearl.
"Just a guess" replied the witch.

    Pearl still shaking in her tail swam away. No one has ever seen her again and the cursed pearl. Legend has it that Pearl took the cursed pearl with her and she turned into a human living with us on land. Is anyone you know a mermaid?  

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