Friday, 13 March 2015

A Holiday To Remember!

WALHT - Writing = use the structure of a recount to share and experience.
I know this when I write a recount that informs/entertains my audience.
In the holidays, we went to lots of trips and fun birthdays, but I mostly enjoyed coming over to Nico’s house everyday because it is fun to play around with my friends and cousins Nico, Liam, Danielle and Niel. Sometimes we biked around the basketball court and the neighbourhood, but we especially enjoyed going to the downhill circle in Joe F Stanley St. In the downhill circle we sometimes watched the view of the sunset and the pukekos in the nearby swamp.

Once we reached to bottom of the road, we quickly return to the top to do it all over again, but it’s a hard step on the pedals! Once we come back to Nico’s house, we would take a break and either drink a glass of water, cola or raro. We lied around on the couch and beds like a bunch of lazy sloths. After that, we waited until it’s 5:30 p.m. so that we could go on the trampoline.

We can only go at that time because Nico’s parents were worried that we might be grilling like bacon under the sun. So when it is past 5:30 p.m. we could happily jump around in the trampoline tackling each other and playing basketball in their trampoline. However, one unlucky day, the bendy small thin poles that hold the net up broke and we couldn’t go on the trampoline.

Liam and I resolved this problem by climbing over the back fence to go and play on his neighbour Lozay’s trampoline. We only played for ten minutes and went back inside Nico’s house again. After an hour of playing on the computer and iPads, uncle Nick came back home and it was finally time for Danielle, Mamalo Niel and I to go home.

When I arrive home, I would play with my cat Panda and take a rest.

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