Friday, 1 June 2018

Candle Observations

Candle Observations!!

Today In science my Partner Rhonda & I Experienced a lot
of things but I discovered a greater task I understand and that was the
candles. In this task the keywords that we used were Transparent,
Opaque, Translucent. These following words meant: for example
transparent is a  window you can see straight through. Opaque is s
omething that you can not see through it is completely unseeable.
Translucent is not quite transparent so looking through something it
would be blurry. First the safety instructions were given and then we
could begin the task. In this observation we compared  the burner to the
original candle and raised our hands above both candles to see which
may be hotter from experiencing that the burner was a lot more hotter
than the normal candle.
1800 degrees celsius
1400 degrees celsius
50 degrees celsius

60 degrees celsius   

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