Thursday, 24 May 2018

Reading to Learn

Mysterious Stone Of Tonga !

Today I am reading a story about the Mysterious Stones of Tonga of School Journal level 2 August 2017. I find the story very interesting and I learnt alot about it.

There is three large stones. Two are standing and the third stone lies across the top of the two others. This is a stone structure and is called Ha’amonga ‘ a maui  ( the burden of maui) people also calls it the King’s clock stone.

I learnt that the Ha’amonga maui stone was built to teach the King's children an important lesson.  The two upright and left right stones is stood for his 2 sons. The lintel stone is stood for his daughter. In the same way the King wanted his two sons to support their sister, this also shows that they are importance of the womens in Tonga.

The Ha’amonga ‘a Maui is very important to the people of Niutoua village. Every years some children from Niutoua primary school does a special dance around the stone. This stone is very important to all of the Tongans and to the whole world. Reported by - Eti

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