Sunday, 19 February 2017

Apple Sauce - Cooking at Technicraft

Apple Sauce!

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At Technicraft today, my partner Philomena and I decided to make applesauce for cooking.
We had to design our jars to put our exquisite apple sauce inside it.

What you will need:
4 cloves
½ tablespoon butter
1 tablespoon sugar
1 medium saucepan
2 Measuring spoons
2 peelers
2 Chopping Board
6 Apples

Instruction 1:
At first, we turned the oven on to fan force and turned the temperature to 100 degrees.
After that, we peeled 6 apples with a peeler on a chopping board and put it into a saucepan
with a bit of cold water.

Instruction 2:
Later on, we took the lid of the jar and put it in the oven so that when it’s time to put the
applesauce in it, the jar wouldn’t break. When the apple was ready and on the stove, we added
4 cloves in the pot to give it a bit of flavour and waited for the apples to boil.

Instruction 3:
As the apples boiled, we took it off the stove and added a tablespoon of butter and 1
tablespoon of sugar, then mashed it with a fork or a wooden spoon.

Instruction 4:
Finally, we put the applesauce in our decorated jars and took it back to school with us.


  1. Wow Launoa that sounds delicious. Your instructions are clear and easy to follow. I shall have to try this recipe next time I do roast pork for tea.

  2. Hi Launoa My names is Maya I really like how you tell everybody how you make a apple Sauce and the recipes I think you should make a video how you make it.

  3. Hello Launoa,I'm Mark M and I moved from Paroa school. I looked at your recipe and tried it at home, it was nice. I've got some questions, did you give your class a bit? If they did have a bit did they think it was yummy?